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Check out the top triggers for great social media engagement and get your'e platforms running at full throttle by shifting up a few gears! Go for distance, go for speed and hit the op of the engagement podium by following these 5 tips.


BORN SOCIAL Posted on JUN 04

If you want to engage using social, sound like their friends do. In other words, you need to be authentic and get out of being in “sell mode” ...take time to understand what they want and need, start a real conversation and they’ll be happy to be your friend… Forever. (and ever)

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“... As the owner of two restaurants finding time to effectively maintain our social media is hard. SMPA's social media management plans provide us everything we need at a fantastic price...”
“... Always a pleasure to deal with the team at SMPA, great ongoing communication and results. In the know when it comes to developing content and promoting hospitality businesses via social media for sure...”
“... Thank you to the team at Social Media PA for their professionalism and successful management of all our social media platforms! Have always been on the ball and a pleasure to work with!...”
“... The team at SMPA gets social media and its importance to the ENTIRE company, not just marketing. Clear-headed, creative, thoughtful, spot-on ideas... work with them. You’ll be glad you did”
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