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2018/19 Social Media Summer Heatwave

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This summer, we’re predicting 
a heat wave across social media.

Here are 5 things you need to know as we head into summer on social.

Number 1
We mingle more in Summer! We share more on social media 84% of us feel like other people post more on social media during summer. And when it comes to personal activity, 51% say they post more and 57% say they share more on social media. It probably helps that the sunshine is a natural photo filter.

Number 2
Almost half of us prefer social media in summer. It’s not just about the volume of posts increasing on social media. 46% of people say they actually find it more enjoyable to check their social media feeds in summer. For the rest of us, we like it just as much.

Number 3
We do more stuff and this makes us happier. We already knew that summer brings out our sociable side, but we didn’t realise by how much. For 90% of us, it’s a chance to break the year’s routine by getting out, going out and seeing more things. Beach days, barbecues, travel and eating outdoors make 86% of people feel happier and have a more positive outlook.

Number 4
We catch up with more family and friends. 94% of people see more friends and family during the summer and the time off also gives 72% of us an opportunity to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a while.

Number 5
We chat more about brands and stuff. 83% of people chat more in summer and 80% include brands in these conversations. So, what are they talking about?

• New places to eat and food to try
• Fashion
• Alcohol and other drinks
• Christmas shopping
• Holidays
• Music and festivals

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