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The Social Generation

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If you built a new stadium in your town, you’d know how to connect to the people. You would place every type of ad inside that stadium, from the billboards to the cups.
Well, guess what? We know where everybody is and so do you: they’re in social media.
The problem is that everything you knew about connecting to the public doesn’t work here — this arena is not about publishing advertisements, it’s about having a conversation.

There are 3 billion active users in messaging, and they’re waiting for you to talk to them.

This is the most social generation ever.

Some may think that because they don’t engage through phone calls or in person that they’re disconnected, but the opposite is true.
I believe that this generation is the most connected, to each other and the world. They maintain hundreds of simultaneous conversations with friends and acquaintances, so if you want to connect with them, you must meet them in their world.
I’m sure you’re thinking, how do I do that? It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
Conversational bots give you the ability to talk to consumers where they live: on messaging platforms like Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Kik and more.
But, there is a catch.
If you want to engage with them, you better sound like their friends do. In other words, you need to be authentic and get out of being in “sell mode” all the time.

You just need to talk and have a conversation — if they’re interested, they’ll keep talking.

And that’s the point: you need to be as social as they are!

You need to care about their concerns and constantly show them that you’re on their side. They want to pick a side, so just make sure you mean it because if they sense any insincerity, you might never regain their trust again. Conversational bots are about building relationships — and all relationships are built on trust.

Never before has the opportunity to connect one-on-one been greater and the risk of alienation been more dangerous. But, we’ve seen that if you tell them who you are, stand for the right things, and take time to understand what they want and need, they’ll be happy to be your friend… Forever.


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