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Most Instagrammed Café in Australia

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Many cafes & restaurants around Australia are now working with their own stylists to prepare their establishments for the influx of Instagram hungry patrons. This is understandable when these individuals essentially provide free advertising for them across their personal social networks and generate new customers into their business.

At The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney’s outer suburbs, the main focus of customers is the aesthetic atmosphere of the café. Built in the remnants of a heritage-listed warehouse, spilling into a large courtyard and garden with vintage décor and eclectic market stalls, it’s an Instagram photographers dream. These features helped rank The Grounds of Alexandria the most Instagrammed café & the 6th most Instagrammed place in Australia.

The success of The Grounds of Alexandria’s social media pages highlights the importance of social media within Australia’s ever-growing hospitality sector. Now restaurants and cafes not only need to ensure they provide excellent service & food offerings, it is vital to their success that their aesthetics meet the criteria of an ‘Instagram worthy image.’ Basically, if something is really beautiful, people will want to take a photo & share it!

At SMPA, we understand the importance of aesthetically appealing imagery when using Instagram, and assist our clients in providing the absolute best content for the target audience.

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