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Social Media trend prediction for 2017

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2016 was a huge year for social media, with dramatic changes across many social platforms; opportunities for brands are increasing considerably. It is currently estimated that 66% of adults access social media daily, considering the global population sits at around 7 billion, the opportunities for businesses to connect with customers are endless. Here are the top predictions for social media in 2017:


It’s still growing!
Yes, growth of social media users seems to be skyrocketing and not stopping anytime soon. Humans are social creatures and this newfound ability to connect has driven the dramatic growth of social media platforms. The folks at Pew Research Center believe the number of social media users will reach 2.39 billion individuals in 2017, to put this in perspective, this would consist of a little less than the population India & China combined!


Social video isn’t going anywhere..
The ‘in-the-moment’ form of communication showcased through platforms like Snapchat, Periscope & Facebook Live has dominated social media in the past 12 months, this is also predicted to increase even further in 2017, with solid data proving that video content is effective with over 76% of businesses using them with a positive effect.


Customers are demanding ‘real time’ operation
Client response programs have proven extremely effective for many businesses, users are now expecting that brands have a social team throughout their social platforms to answer any questions or issues they might have. Many individuals surveyed by Search Engine Watch have stated that they expect to be responded to within the hour. Many brands have heavily invested in social teams to deal with customer expectations; this shift is evident as many companies have shifted their entire customer service team to social-media only accounts.


Unlike other forms of media, social media is creating a social revolution for society, allowing people to become more informed when it comes to brands and the business world. The ability to create a customer-centric brand based on social media interactions is real & we are sure many companies will be making the most of this in 2017.

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