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Social Media Trends of 2016

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Now that 2016 is coming to an end, we love to look back at the trends dominating social media throughout the past year. Here’s what 2016 had in store for us social media marketers:

Snapchat & the Power of Social News

We couldn’t discuss social media in 2016 without mentioning the Snapchat revolution, the drastic changes undergone within the app and where the app could be headed in the future. With its ‘in-the-moment’ form of communication, it has truly transformed user expectations and social media marketing. This year, Snapchat introduced “discover,” this feature allows users to view content from major brands and has grown into a powerful tool that news organisations & celebrities have flocked to. According to a report from 7Park Data, Snapchat’s new “Discover” feature generates millions of views per day. In the US & Europe, data consumption from the app has skyrocketed. After a huge 2016 for Snapchat, we are expecting big things from them in 2017 and huge marketing opportunities to follow.

Twitter Lag

We have to be honest, Twitter hasn’t been doing so well in 2016. Many people have anticipated Twitters downfall for the past few years. It is likely Twitter will survive another year, however the folks at Twitter might want to look into their business model in order to last out the decade. The reason for its downfall is because Twitter has built itself on quick, one-lined updates, due to this; users are being bombarded with large amounts of small information in order to get messages across. When Twitter was first introduced, this model was exciting and innovative, however, users want larger pieces of information with more detailed, more interesting content on a less frequent basis. With so many other storytelling platforms in the market, Twitter requires a re-vamp in 2017, not a simple task, but for Twitter, an unavoidable one.

360° Video & User Experience

Throughout 2016; we have noticed users demanding experiences where they can live vicariously through the individuals they follow. With the availability of 360° image and video recording devices and real-time posting platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live, users can feel like they are a genuine part of the experience, as it’s unfolding. Brands are starting to catch on to these trends, however, we believe that in 2017, live experiences will be at the forefront of many social-media marketing campaigns.

Every year, new social media platforms emerge and the larger platforms attempt to innovate in response to new & existing competition, it’s an interesting process to watch for us social-media marketers. We believe that in 2017, more businesses will find the platform that works for them and focus on it. Social media marketing is a must-have for any business attempting to market themselves on a frugal budget and 2016 has created some pretty innovative tools to do just that.

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